I help active adults and athletes get back to the workouts and sports they love without pain killers, injections or multiple trips to the doctor.



In the comfort of your own home or business.  Myofascial work is a treatment completed in comfortable gym-like shorts and a loose fitted shirt.  

Enjoy your life by eliminating pain at its source.  Like stretching taffy it takes time for the fascia to melt and stretch returning to it's natural healthy alignment.  Fascia is a three-dimensional web that protects our tissue and organs by maintaining the space and hydration necessary for the systems of the body to work coherently.  When injury occurs the fascia goes into a protective mode that puts pressure in the web thereby causing symptoms in pain sensitive tissue that are hard to diagnose.  When traditional therapy, pain medication and surgery do not produce the desired results Myofascial Release may be the missing link and help you return to a pain free active lifestyle.

Myofascial Release helps people who have tried other therapies without success or with little results.  MFR helps athletes who are looking for a competitive edge.  MFR helps retirees maintain their health and wellness by maintaining proper mobility and posture doing the activities they love.  MFR treats your entire body, your entire person, not just symptoms or a diagnosis.  MFR considers where you've been physically and what has contributed to your condition.  MFR helps people regain their active lifestyle with less pain.

Soon after graduating from the NY School of Health Professions in 2009 I began my Myofascial Release journey with John F. Barnes, PT and founder of Myofascial Release therapy.  Over the past 10 years I have taken many of the courses offered as well as had the opportunity to work with John in his clinic and be a client at one of the treatment centers but the most experience I have been blessed with is treating the hundreds of clients like you.

My decision to become an exclusive Myofascial therapist evolved from my own efforts to heal past injuries.  Myofascial Release was better than any medical massage or any other therapy I had experienced when trying to resolve my own pain from multiple injuries.  The results also helped my clients with injuries and pain they had for years that traditional therapy had only produced temporary results.



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