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Therapeutic treatment that works.

Neck pain, back pain, headaches and sports related injuries.  Myofascial Release and Functional Movement provide safe and effective results that last.

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Therapy That Lasts

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Enjoy your life by eliminating pain at its source.  Like stretching taffy it takes time for the fascia to melt and stretch returning to it's natural healthy alignment.  Fascia is a three-dimensional web that protects our tissue and organs by maintaining the space and hydration necessary for the systems of the body to work coherently.  When injury occurs the fascia goes into a protective mode that puts pressure in the web thereby causing symptoms in pain sensitive tissue that are hard to diagnose.  When traditional therapy, pain medication and surgery do not produce the desired results Myofascial Release may be the missing link and help you return to a pain free active lifestyle.

Every time we feel pain physical or emotional it is stored in our fascia.  Layer upon layer it builds up and begins to twist our bodies into an unrecognizable shape.  We begin to feel lethargic and dehydrated.  This "straight jacket" of tight fascia can only be released by a trained John F. Barnes myofascial therapist.  Fascial restrictions do no show up in standard testing.  Yet any injury, scar or strain in the fascia can produce symptoms years later.  Releasing this tension will alleviate pain and produce more energy so the body naturally returns to a healthier place thereby reducing stress and feeling well enough to return to an active lifestyle.

Carolyn graduated from the NY School of Health Professions in 2009 with an A.S. degree in Massage Therapy.  In February of 2012, she began her Myofascial Release journey with her first Myofascial seminar series with John F. Barnes, PT and founder of Myofascial Release therapy. 

Her decision to become an exclusive Myofascial therapist evolved from her own efforts to heal past injuries.  Myofascial Release was better than any medical massage or any other therapy she had experienced when trying to resolve her own pain from a car accident.  She realized that for the first time her clients were seeing real results unlike traditional massage that only produced temporary results.  Carolyn is an Expert Level JFB therapist thereby completing the following courses with John Barnes:  MFR I & MFR II, Rebounding, Unwinding, Advanced Unwinding, Cervical Thoracic, Fascial Pelvis, Women's Health, Myofascial Mobilization and MFR III.  In addition, she spent a week in the Malverne, PA Clinic working with John Barnes and his talented staff as well as a week at Therapy on the Rocks in Sedon, AZ as a client so she can further relate to her client's healing journey.

MFR Relieves

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Chronic Pain

Sports Injuries





Pelvic Pain


Jaw Pain

Disc Problems

Painful Scars



Awareness is the key to reducing stress and tension.  Myofascial Release is the most effective way to teach our body how to let go of the tension that we are not even aware of.  We push ourselves to exhaustion most days and yet we never allow ourselves the most important recovery tool of deep relaxation.  During your session we follow the "Fascial Voice" releasing the lines of tension that lead us to your deepest restrictions.  Without harming or further injuring your tissue you are able to release stored tension that you have been carrying around for years. Learning how to breath and relax is vital in reducing stress and tension, but we were never taught how.  Myofascial Release is the "missing link" in healthcare and the only way to properly heal without causing further injury. 

Functional Movement & Golf Functional Movement Sessions

Functional Movement provides the blueprint for healthy activity.  Carolyn has completed many certifications over the years but has narrowed it down to a system that supports her myofascial release.  After 25 years of searching for the bodies natural ability to heal she realized we must first let go of stress and tension before we can optimally gain performance.  The culprit is we don't even know that stress and tension exist.  We have great coping mechanisms but they run to a fault.  Functional movements based on three directions help our bodies let go of the stress and tension but also build mobility, stability and strength providing your own prescription for health.  Functional Movement and Golf Functional Movement training will show that I don't fix you, you fix you.  


Self Treatment

Self treating your fascia everyday for thirty minutes will help relieve pain and stress.  Everyday we stand up in gravity and the denseness of the ground underneath us creates tension on our fascial system.  Our fascial system protects us from those forces.  This is why symptoms are produced years later as our fascia adapts over time.  The symptoms may not even be related to the cause.  A recent injury may have been related to an old one.  The old injury can be related to the new job you have or the new exercise plan.  Self-treatment will help with every situation not only giving your fascia the release it needs but at the same time you are developing awareness of all the tension in your body.  The single most beneficial thing you an do for yourself is self-treatment.  Stop the excuses and create a space you can commit to, for yourself and your loved ones.


Self Treatment for Low Back

The low back is so misunderstood.  There is very little movement in the lower spine compared to the rest of the spine.  Most likely the tension in your hips and thorax is causing the tension.  Just another reason to treat the entire body.  John Barnes would say, "find the symptoms but look elsewhere".


Functional Movement Warmup

Use your foam roller to build awareness of how you feel before any exercise.  Most injuries occur because you lack the awareness of how you feel that day.
Breath slowly and feel like you are moving through water with gentle resistance to engage the fascia.  Stretch like you just woke up and always let gravity do the work


Principles of MFR & Movement

Combining any movement with MFR principles will help alleviate pain and increase awareness.  Begin with creating a safe space for the activity as well as your emotions.  Set a goal and connect with the intention of that goal.  Breathe into the awareness and never force.  Measure your success and start with a commitment to do this for at least two weeks every day or every other day.  Your fascia will learn to adapt and make change.  Just like sitting in a chair everyday your body learns to adapt to that position.  When we ask our body to do something else it rebels.  That is why it is so important to be consistent.   If you skip a few days spend a little more time the next day.  Thirty minutes a day is recommended and you can split it up if you want but I find that it takes at least 15 minutes to get into the feeling of it.  You are worth every minute.


Functional Cat-Cow

Just a great movement for anytime of the day.  Use it as a warm-up, cool-down or just for awareness.  Shoulders and hips can cause neck, back, leg and arm pain.  Utilizing 3 dimensional movements will help reduce tension and increase mobility providing oxygen and lubrication for your fascia.  Fascia provides the stability for all movement.  There are three options; standing, sitting and on the floor.  Begin with creating a successful outcome so your fascia will adapt to a positive outcome.


Functional Lunge

Standing Lunge in three directions will increase mobility and stability in the hips.  Use the wall for balance if needed and move and breathe slowly.

Kneeling Lunge in three directions will help increase awareness in the hips and how much tension we actually hold onto.  Always use a blanket to protect your knees and remember a successful experience is more important than anything else.  

Cool Down

Use a treatment ball or just lie down and breath slowly to feel the awareness of how your body feels.  Cool down is so important.  5 to 10 minutes can make that much needed difference.

Within a week of doing these exercises everyday for just 15 – 20 minutes will really open you up to the gift this movement will bring you.  It will provide the awareness that will prevent you from injury and feeling pain.  As it will teach your body the safe way to let go rather than think it has to hold on to the tension.  The new proprioception skills your fascia learns from functional movement will last longer than you could ever imagine.  Almost as long as when you get treatment from me.  


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