I am not your average therapist. It's tough love with me. I want to empower you; not enable you. Why do I combine movement with my session? I want you to feel more. Lying on a table and letting the therapist do all the work is not going to fix you. You fix you! Of course I am compassionate, but if I let you just lay there you wouldn't get any better.

The experience is soooooo important. Combining the breath with movement empowers our ability to heal ourselves. We need to be active in our healing. Like the power of a tai chi master that has his laser like focus we too can bring in this energy to heal and overcome. True healing is through feeling. MFR Experience is an empowering session that allows you to heal yourself. Using yoga, qi gong and meditation will empower you to feel healthy! I work with anyone at every level. It's never to late. This is a fun experience intended to restore and grow in your own personal awareness of health and fitness.

Tough Love

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