MFR Intensive. Is it for you?

Facia is an adaptive tissue that may be shaped when softened and when healthy acts as a cushion to protect our vital tissues and organs. It is the structural lattice for our entire body. Resembling a honeycomb where the comb is the fascia and the honey is the cell. A study done in 1989 (Ingbar) provided evidence that the fascia crosses the cell membrane and interconnects the cytoskeleton, providing the metabolic and cellular communication for all the systems of our body. During MFR sessions the therapist applies a mechanical stress to the fascia for a duration of 5 minutes or more and the crystalline structure of the fascia begins to soften and change. This change allows the stressed or injured area to regain its pliability and shape so the body can re-hydrate and begin to heal.

An MFR intensive is designed to work the layers of the fascial system until the deepest changes occur. Sometimes the changes are not noticed right away as the changes can be subtle, however, on a deeper level it is the healthiest thing you can do for all the systems in your body. Your heart, lungs, and other organs are surrounded by fascia and when the fascia is pulling as seen in your posture this puts pressure on your organs up to 2,000 pounds per square inch.

In addition to treatment, learning Self-MFR is just as necessary. Everyday our structure is adapting to the way we sit, stand or move. If there is any part of the kinetic movement that is injured or impaired the fascia will go to work and make that area stronger but not necessarily better. It will unfortunately create more postural dysfunctions than we are even aware of. Learning how to self-treat and understand how tools can undo the adaptive processes are just as important as the treatment itself.

The fascia is intertwined with your thoughts as well. In a very subtle way your understanding of how you think and how you feel begin to shape your outcome. Our thoughts can manifest into reality and they originate in the mind-body. It’s not very complicated or is it even unthinkable anymore as we can see from the data of people under stress have more heart attacks, are absent from work and visit the doctor more frequently.

The MFR intensive allows for the time to peel back the layers of stress and injury rather than visiting once a week or yet once a month. The weekly or monthly visit will make change but immersion will save you a lot of time. The immersion can be completed in two to six weeks and can be two to three hours a day depending on your schedule. Of course the ideal is to complete it sooner as your intention and commitment is important. It's a new concept but really easy to understand and this is the opportunity that will benefit you the most. I believe we can make the most change when you have the tools and understanding to incorporate that change.

Enjoy the journey to health and well-being.


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