Stressed or Worried?

We have all experienced being stressed or worried at some point in our lives. Some of us stress and worry everyday for a loved one, for our own health or even situations that surround us that we have no control over. How we perceive the situation is wrapped up in our belief systems as well as how our central nervous system responds to the stress or worry. The biochemistry also effects our hormones that control many responses that regulates how our organs react with one another. All-in-all there is a lot going on. So what does this mean? If you are under a lot of stress you need to do something about it. Most of us just think about the stress without actively getting our body involved. Just a walk in nature or five minutes of deep breathing can help but it's still not enough. That's why I am such a big proponent of taking 30 minutes a day to bring awareness to your body and use that time proactively to "get out of your head", let go of the stress and worry and walk down a different path rather than circling around the same cycle of thoughts.

Restore 30 is not just about healing your wounds. Restore 30 is a deep lesson in connecting with your thoughts by getting in touch through your body. Yes the body can send signals to the brain that will have a chemical effect on what you think. There are so many books, meditations and theories but not one of them have any effect on the fascia. Learning how to release your fascia's web is the only way to let go of the stress and worry that is trapped within our web. We hold our memories, our beliefs and our pain in "our web". Learn how to do this on your own without having to buy all those expensive gadgets. Learn how to release the fascia the right way. What is the right way? It takes self discipline to rewire what we have learned. The no pain no gain theory is wrong as it further injures your fascia. This is the intention behind all of my classes. I want my clients to succeed with their health goals and that begins with having the right tools.

Restore 30 provides those tools. The class is divided in half. The first 15 minutes we breath, warm up and connect with a feeling while the second 15 minutes we find positions to help the body let go of the stored tension in our fascia's web. The journey is very enlightening. I draw my inspiration from the medical Qigong and Yoga journey I have embraced over the last 20 years and incorporate that with Myofascial Release principles. The best part is you can do this in your own home and on your own time. My biggest reminder I say to myself all the time is, "it's so easy". Reminding ourselves that it can be easy turns the dialogue around into a more positive way to think, act and be. So ask yourself, what if it was easy?

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Please leave a comment on how this made you feel.

Carolyn Hough

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