Take Time to Listen Everyday

My most recent discovery to healing is taking time everyday to listen to my inner guide. My spirit has more wisdom than I do and it is fascinating to feel her gently guide me back to my center. She has taught me to be more courageous and live a fearless life.

During my very first yoga training which was very much centered around meditation, I experienced a profoundly deep message that felt like it came out of left field. My mind was empty and I was only focused on my breathing at that time. What I heard was a voice that said tell my father I am okay. My brother had just lost his son to cancer and the circumstances were very sad as you can only imagine. I had this tremendous guilt up to that point that I kept my brother from seeing his son before he passed. My brother lived in Florida at that time and he flew up to New York to stay with me. I was a single mom and he helped me out with an expected delivery that day so I could be on time for work. He finally arrived at his sons house and as he was knocking on the door John, his son, was transitioning. What was so profound to me was the message was not something I was waiting to hear as John passed in December and this message came nine months later in August. It felt like it went through me like a lightening bolt.

For the past 10 years I have been reluctant to keep my meditation practice consistent but recently I have decided to practice daily. The messages are subtle and few and far between but what I am experiencing is less worry as I shift my attention and give more power to this incredible source within me.

So how does this decrease pain? Emotions are behind the stress that solidify our fascia. Fascia feels the fear, worry or guilt and guards us against the perceived threat. All the systems in our body help orchestrate the attach that our emotions are feeling and then our fascia, our very adaptable fascia, comes to the rescue. The fascia is absolutely brilliant, but when it takes over it is stronger than anything. We cannot use force to let go of the 2,000 pounds of pressure on our pain sensitive organs, only gentle sustained pressure will release the straight jacket of crushing pain.

Take time everyday to center yourself. Find a quiet place, sit in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and just listen to the sound of your breath. Listen for the answers to some of your questions and connect with the emotions that may surface. You may be able to connect with the reason behind the emotions that cause and perpetuate your physical pain.

I recommend the book, "Listening", by Lee Colt. In addition, think about listening to the sensations and feelings that arise during your next MFR session.


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