MFR Experience

Having a great friend helps me enjoy life. I believe we will live longer meaningful lives if we have at least one good friend. In addition, I feel the meaningful relationship of just one great friend can produce clarity in our perception of daily challenges and reduce our overall stress.

I created the MFR Experience session not just to empower my clients but to also let them tap into the internal guide we all have. To me this guide has been the friend that is always there when I need them most. We all have this innate ability to heal our wounds. The reason why we let our selves be subject to the opinion and beliefs of doctors and others of experience is because we allow them. In some perverse way we don't trust our intuition as if we give our power away, but why? Obviously if we are really sick we need the guidance and education of a professional but I am discussing the chronic pain and suffering that comes from it.

Not everyone understands the systems of the human body and this I believe enables us when something does not feel right we have no other alternative but to go to the doctor and rely on his intuitive decision. If you consistently go to the doctor you no longer rely on your own tuition and there goes your power. However, if you begin to understand that your body simply needs to move and release its negative energy you suddenly begin to understand that you own your power.

MFR Experience allows you to discover how the energy of the organs and systems in the body work to maintain a vibrant feeling. Yoga breathing, qigong movement and focused meditation bring all the systems together to work in harmony. The awareness of what I teach empowers you to better understand the signals your body are communicating to you. I also show you how you can reverse the many restrictions in your body that cause most of if not all the symptoms your body, "your best friend", is communicating. Become your own best friend and learn to communicate for a new way of healing.


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