Tai Chi


I feel most of my clients that come to see me either had a stressful event, are unable to control their stress or they experienced an injury. The short time I spend with my clients is only a brief time to heal the accumulation of stress and injury.  I work very hard to keep everyone centered and in your body to feel the natural ability you all have to heal yourself but when you leave it's hard for most of you to keep the practice going.  At the same time, I find my clients are always searching for a remedy or a source outside their own natural source that can help but it's time to look inside for the answers.  Our minds are full of stories that aren't even true.  We say the same 95% of negative thoughts we told ourselves yesterday, we also say today.  It's all about quieting the mind and learning how to listen.  The flows of Qi Gong allows for that to happen.  The flows of Qi Gong open the pathways to vital energy that allows our inherent ability to heal. 

What's better than that!

Join me on this wonderful journey on how to heal your life and increase energy and let go of stress.  89% of all doctor visits are because of stress.  Your body has 90% ability to heal.  Learn an easy 5 element flow to unlock your vitality and heal your wounds.  

Classes begin July 12th

Monday's at 5 pm

Wednesday's at 11 am

First class is free!