Traditional yoga can be difficult for most of us and is often misunderstood.  MFR yoga is a gentle yoga class intended to restore and improve movement in the spine and extremities.  This allows injuries to heal while helping the body regain energy and vitality to participate in the activities we enjoy the most.    Self treatment is the primary goal for attending this class.

Happy Girl Jumping


"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."
~George Bernard Shaw

Stress and pain can make you want to run away from what we feel but yoga brings you home. 

Class starts with making the vital connection to breath.  The simple act of breathing reduces stress and inflammation, the precursors to disease and dysfunction.  Breathing properly provides the energy behind a healthy body and mind.  Yoga postures are then explored to help open the hips, shoulders, neck and spine.  Yoga postures provide the awareness to where stress is being stored.  Yoga postures can be modified for any circumstance.  Sit in a chair, stand next to a wall, or just pick and chose the one you like.  Yoga is not about performance but rather awareness that builds confidence in our weaknesses.  Class will then end with positions that restore and heal our injuries.