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Conveniently located in the Suntree Area of Melbourne Florida, Carolyn offers a supportive, non-judgmental and safe place to explore your concerns. She is committed to forming a relationship with you that is respectful, caring, and one that encourages you to find a connection with your true self. Take a look at the services she offers to help you find the results you are looking for.


MFR Intensive

Find courage and strength when you release pain and suffering.  Return to an active lifestyle and enjoy the things you love the most with this multi-week plan.

Myofascial Release & Craniosacral Therapy

Therapeutic treatment that provides longer lasting results from pain, injury and scaring

Functional Movement

Three-dimensional bodies need three-dimensional movement.  Releasing tension and restoring balance is key to healing.  Traditional exercise only works in one plane of motion at a time.  Life, sports and injuries need more.  Functional Movement teaches proprioceptive awareness that helps your body gain the balance needed for real life.  Opening your hips and shoulders will reduce injury and alleviate stress allowing the body to heal naturally.  Small classes designed to create a new awareness of what is missing in traditional exercise programs.

MFR Intensive

Designed just for you. This multi-week plan will help you achieve a pain free life.  It takes time to remove the layers of stress and tension.  With this program you will begin to see light at the end of your day. Chronic pain affects everything you do. The effects of stress and injury needs daily attention. Make yourself a priority and learn the skills to maintain good health.  Ask Carolyn if this is right for you?

Myofascial Release & Craniosacral Therapy

Restores the elasticity and strength of the fascia to allow the body to perform at its peak performance.  Myofascial Release will provide lasting results to reduce pain and prevent injury.  It is the most effective medical massage available.  We treat the cause not just the symptoms.

Functional Movement

Traditional exercise only works in one plane of motion at a time.   Whereas, Functional Movement teaches how to move in a three-dimensional web of fascia. Exercises that open up your hips and shoulders will prevent injuries while increasing proprioceptive  awareness; the key to balance and recovery. Try your first class for free.

Testimonials from Clients

Don’t Take Just our Word For it


Karen Weber

Patient, intuitive, and effective at identifying root causes of restrictions in movement.
After one session, noticeable relief from debilitating pain was a welcomed experience.

Susan Crain

My neck and shoulders had been hurting for several months and it was affecting my golf game in a negative way. Carolyn worked with me today with MFR therapy and the results were dramatic! Not only do I feel much better but my golf game score was 7 strokes less than last week. I highly recommend Carolyn and thank her very much!


I was in so much pain.  Couldn't sleep, sit or even walk.  I was losing time at work because of the pain.  I was very skeptical but I had so much relief after just one visit and feel almost normal again.  Myofascial release is by far the best massage I have ever had and it is worth every penny.

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